At Skjal, we prioritise close proofreading and consistency within texts.

Please note that Skjal provides proofreading in all languages.

When translating highly specialised texts, we verify the translation via a comprehensive comparison with the original text, taking note of accuracy, style and terminology. This is done by an employee or contractor with specialist knowledge of the field in question.

In addition to correcting typos and spelling mistakes, our proofreaders also check for consistency, remove ambiguities and improve style, for example, by eliminating repetitive wording. To ensure the greatest accuracy, we use advanced corrective software that searches systematically for errors, inconsistencies and incorrect use of terminology.

Although careful proofreading can ensure that your text is error-free and consistent, it does not involve rewriting or restructuring it. If your text needs such substantial changes, we also offer a range of copywriting and editing services.

Contact us for further information about proofreading.