WordPress 3.8 Is Out

A new version of content management system WordPress, WordPress 3.8, was released on 12 December. It goes by the name “Parker”, after jazz legend Charlie Parker.  The changes in the last update were mainly of a technical nature, besides some minor interface modifications. In the new update, the user interface has been completely redesigned, with a more lively and colourful look. The interface is also responsive, meaning that it adapts to the device used. These are welcome changes, seeing that it’s been quite a while since the look of the system has received an overhaul.


The update is accompanied by a new theme, Twenty Fourteen, the most advanced WordPress theme to date. A new default font is also featured, the ever-popular Open Sans.


Our customers should be notified of the update to their system and should quickly become aware of the main changes, once the update has been installed. We are certain that the update, with its ambitious modifications, will please all users.

More minor changes have been made, but there is no need to list them all here. Additional information can be found on the web wordpress.org.

The main changes are displayed in the short video below.