The WordPress News Manager

News Management is one of WP’s many convenient features, enabling webmasters to publish news and other content automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites, thus saving them the time that they would otherwise spend posting the content manually on each site. You can then use the time saved to improve the content itself, as having quality content is important for search engine optimisation and expanding your audience via social media.

By using the site’s News Manager to post and share content, you also accumulate content on the site itself, which is important for search engine optimisation. A well-written text is of the utmost importance, seeing how search engines can read it and use it to evaluate the site’s relevance. The more effectively that search engines can analyse your site’s content, the higher the ranking your site will gain in search results.

Other features include a categorisation option that can be used to separate different types of content, e.g. news that are only valid for a limited period and posts that are to be archived on the site.

The system is simple and very easy to use. If you are familiar with word processors such as Word, you should have no problem using the WordPress News Manager.

The system is also easily accessible to search engines so they can read all content posted there. Meta title and description tags can be written for each item, ensuring that the correct text accompanies it in search engine results rather than just the first three lines. Several tags can also be attached for an even better search engine performance.