Text for Search Engines

Search engines can read texts with accuracy, ascertain the context and thus analyse the website‘s content. However, it is important to keep in mind that human users will also read the text and they are of course the main audience. The text must always be readable and of a high standard although it is written with search engines in mind.
There are a few things to keep in mind when writing texts for search engine optimisation, such as adapting the text to include the words or phrases under which the website is to be found in search engines.  These can be either single words or complete sentences.  A list is made of all the words and phrases to be emphasised and these then have to appear as frequently as possible in the text.
It is best for the keywords to appear three or four times in every 300-400 words, so that for every 100-150 words of written text, a keyword appears once or twice. This helps the search engines analyse the site’s importance and relevance. As noted, search engine suitability is not the only purpose of the text. The focus has to be different, depending on whether the text in question is advertising copy, promotional material or general information, although the keywords and context must also be kept in mind. If one of these three factors – keywords, context or focus – is not right, it can have an effect on the way in which search engines analyse the site.
If, for instance, there is too much informational text on your sales site, you run the risk of search engines designating it an information page, thus making it less likely that it will show up in a search for sales sites.
It is not feasible to have a very long text. It is better to break the content down into four shorter texts, in order to help the search engines evaluate the site’s relevance and content. You can place the shorter texts in different places, or boxes, on the page to make it clear to search engines that two particular segments are not on the same subject, although the context is the same. Take for instance a photography shop that sells both new and used cameras. In that case, the information on these two activities doesn’t belong in the same text box. It is ideal to write one item on new cameras and another on the advantages of buying a used one. Search engines put greater emphasis on the beginning and end of texts, rather than the body of the text, as it is usual for readers to look right away for that which interests them. Also, the closing words usually give an indication of whether the subject of the main text is in accordance with what the opening promised. Keep in mind that you need to refrain from using exclamation points, question marks or other special characters alongside key words and phrases.